Tips on Drawing The Foot

Im still learning how to draw the foot however i found some helpful tips that make it a bit easy.

Everything is in shapes. For example the eye contains shapes of oval’s and circles. The foot has shapes of circles, rectangles, triangles, and ovals.

The back of the foot is a shape of an oval with little dents at the end and at the top of the back of the foot a circle with two lines at the top.

When drawing the toes they have shapes of smaller ovals or half ovals.

If you have a character’s foot facing the side the toes look like they are lapping over each over or like little humps the smaller the toe the smaller the hump.

Doing the ankles are easy it’s two small lines with a small hump or curve at the end of the right line.

( See photo for more guidance) I hope these tips help 😀

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