Studying The Face

When drawing it’s good to study the object your drawing to plan out your work and figure out how to create it . Outlined in red in the image above you will see the studies i found when examining the face of this model.

She has :

Soft Eyebrows depicting in a natural and relaxed expression ( if her expression was angry her eyebrows would be more harsh and forward more narrow in and lowered.

Oval Shaped eye’s ( If the model was surprised by something not only will the pupils get smaller but the eye would expand , imagine it like a window when you want some fresh air you open the window half way but if you want more you open it all the way up in the same way the eye’s are relaxed the eyelids are half way or when surprised or startled the eyelids are raised )

Small Rounded Nose ( Her nose is small but rounded in the same way if her expression changes her nostrils will expand a bit )

Small Oval Shaped Lips ( Notice how the mouth is closed but a little opened, if the mouth was open the lips would expand )

Rounded Hair Line ( Some of us have a rounded hair line because of the shape of our face or just how we style our hair when you determine the hairline shape you also figure out the forehead shape )

Soft Jawline and High Soft Cheekbones ( By Soft I mean smooth line without harsh dents the dents for a soft cheekbone or jawline are usually rounded and smooth determining by face shape) ( Our faces can be rounded, U shape, Square, or Ova just like our ears 😀 )

Also shown in the picture above in red i made a lot of shapes as well 😀

Hope these tips are helpful

Remember to Observe not Glance

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