Time for a Craft Project!!

Hello DIYvinci Community!! My name is Dominique I would love to share a mini craft tutorial with you.
I love to paint and I hope you will too! With this simple DIY craft project,


• A DIY Clay Frame – Any size will do (Pictured 4×6 frame)
NOTE: You can find these pretty much in any store that sells craft and art supplies

• Paintbrushes

• Gouache Paint or Acrylic Paint (All Colors)

NOTE: I am using Gouache it’s my favorite paint and it’s great for first time painters)

• Black Permanent Marker – For Details

• A Sheet of paper and a pencil

• Clear Varnish or Clear Sealant

• Step 1. Start with the base color for your frame, this can be any color you like, try your favorite color. 2 coats of paint should be good, allow to dry between each coat.

• Step 2. Let’s sketch the pattern we want on the frame with the sheet of paper and pencil. You want a least three different objects to create your pattern. If you are not sure what to paint, try answering these questions for an idea:
What is your favorite fruit?
What is your favorite leaf or flower?
Do you prefer the rain or sunshine?

• Step 3. Once the base coat of paint is dry its time to paint your first object from the sketch. Continue painting with the second and third objects. Make sure you allow enough space to repeat the pattern for ALL 3 objects.

• Step 4. When the paint is dry it’s time for the final touches! Use the permanent marker to outline at least one of or all of your objects to add depth and detail.

• Step 5. Lastly lets protect our work by using a Clear Varnish or Clear Sealant
PLEASE NOTE: Most Clear Varnish or Clear Sealant are not safe to breath I suggest doing this outside or near an open window and use gloves. Then let dry

TADA!! That’s it you have a lovely DIY Clay Frame.

If you liked this project and did it I would love to see your work please tag me!!
PLEASE follow and connect with me I would love to grow and meet new friends in the DIYvinic community.
Thank You DIYvinic for letting me share my projects

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