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Lagoon at Night Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Tropical scene at night painted with acrylic on canvas
  1. Start by lightly wetting the canvas and then use lightest colors first and work to dark.
  2. Use the emerald green to lay in the moonlight on the horizon and water.
  3. Use the blue to lay in the sky and water while the green acrylic color is still wet for easier blending.
  4. Bring in more shadows by brushing the medium brush side to side with more blue paint.
  5. Work from the outer edge of the canvas in to keep the lightest colors in the center.
  6. Use a smaller brush to draw in the silhouette of the palm trees and land masses.
  7. Use a small brush with white to add details around the land and on the palm trees for highlights.
  8. You can use a little yellow and green for highlights and grass.
  9. Use a wet brush with white paint to splatter in some stars on the sky.

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