How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

Welcome back my friend and if you’re new here welcome as well !

Grab your supplies ! You will need paper, pen or pencil, and if your doing this digital your iPad and stylish.

– Regular Cartoon Eye’s

Step 1 : Draw two ovals

Step 2 : Draw two half circles in the corner of the ovals

Step 3 : Shade in the the half circles

– Chill Cartoon Eye’s

Step 1 : Draw two ovals and a line going across inside the ovals

Step 2 : Draw a “U” shape circle under the line and shade. ( See photo for a more understanding 😀 )

– Angry Cartoon Eye’s

Step 1 : Draw two ovals and two inward lines above the ovals

Step 2 : Draw two small circles inside the corner of the ovals and shade

The more you practice the more you will improve 🙂  Try practicing the examples i did on the side too

Thanks for drawing with me ! Make sure to let me know if you did the tutorial  i cant wait to see what you created.

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