How to draw an Eye

Welcome To My Tutorial On How To Draw An Eye 😀 ! Drawing an eye can be challenging task, but it’s also a crucial skill for any aspiring artist. This step by step tutorial will help guide you to draw an eye both digitally and traditionally so let’s grab your materials and let’s get started !

Step 1 : Start by drawing an eye’s overall outline or shape with a slightly domed top and a rounded bottom. This will serve as the basic structure for your eye. I like to think I’m drawing an almond or a bean 🫘 for the shape :D.

Step 2 : Next Draw The iris, which is the colored part of the eye. Start by drawing a smaller circle within the tear-drop shape you created in the previous step, making sure to keep it centered. Use a dark color such as black or brown to give the iris depth and dimension. 

Step 3 : Now that you added the iris, you need to add the pupil, which is the centerac black dot in the eye. Start by drawing a small circle in the center of the iris, you can draw your pupils smaller or slightly larger what you like :). You can color in the pupil with black, we are going to go back and add a highlight later. 

Step 4 : Adding shadowing within the iris ! You may have noticed inside the iris I added black a bit at the top, this is going to give the iris a nice shadow effect if you don’t want to add any color. (However you can add color within the iris if you like and to create the same effect use a darker shade of the color at the top and lighter shade at the bottom and then softly blend) Soft shadows along the edges of the iris also create an illusion of light hitting the surface. Softer color of grey creates subtle shadows. Be sure to keep the shadows consistent with the direction of the light source in your artwork !

Step 5 :  Adding an Highlight will give our eye a sense of wetness and realism ! 

For Digitally : Take white and make a circle or square shape on top of your pupil this can go on the right or left depending on the light source 👀

For traditional art : Start by taking a white gel pen or very light pencil and lightly draw a small highlight at the top or bottom of the eye, depending on the position of the light source. The highlight should be faint but visible, giving the eye a shiny effect. Be careful not to overuse the highlight. Technique can also be use by using an eraser 😉!!!

Step 6 : The inner corner of your eye and the upper eye lid ! Start by adding a little bit of shadow in the inner corner of the eye to give it some depth and realism. The inner corner is basically an small sideways “U” connecting the ends of the eye it’s also where many blood vessels run in the eye so sometimes I like to put small little lines to show that. Then, draw the upper eyelid above the eye, making sure it follows the natural curve of the eye. I like to also add the under lines of the eye too to show bags or just natural lines that are there.

Step 7 : Add eye lashes on the top of your eye by flicking your pencil or pen in a upward motion ( Hint : It helps to flick your wrist while doing this ) Sketch thin, wispy lines coming from the upper eyelid, curving upwards towards the inner corner of the eye. Vary the length and thickness to give the eye a more natural look. You can also add darker shadows beneath the eyelashes to give them greater depth.

Step 8 : Add details any kind of details you want it can be anything !

Thats how you draw an eye !!! Thank you for drawing with me 😆 Be sure to check out my other tutorials such as How to draw a Nose, Hands, Hair 🤍 Tag me at @byzartzz on Instagram or share your art below !

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