Category: Paper Art

Mandala mobile cover

Create your own stunning Mandala Art mobile cover. This DIY project allows you to customize your transparent mobile cover with your unique artistic touch. I adored the color of my mobile, and I wanted to showcase it rather than conceal it entirely with the painting. Therefore, I crafted a petite mandala painting on a circular […]

Hand mirror

I had an old mirror, so I decided to craft a brand-new frame for it. It is made our of hardboard of a box. decorative reliefs done with the impasto. I’m currently in the process of adding more floral design and going to color it. To embark on this project, you will need some essential […]

Studying The Face

When drawing it’s good to study the object your drawing to plan out your work and figure out how to create it . Outlined in red in the image above you will see the studies i found when examining the face of this model. She has : Soft Eyebrows depicting in a natural and relaxed […]

Tips on Drawing The Foot

Im still learning how to draw the foot however i found some helpful tips that make it a bit easy. Everything is in shapes. For example the eye contains shapes of oval’s and circles. The foot has shapes of circles, rectangles, triangles, and ovals. The back of the foot is a shape of an oval […]

Shading The Eye

I saw some helpful tips to shading the eye so let’s break it down 🙂 If you touch the areas around your eye some parts are a little deep and some a little rounded and out. ( by doing this it helps you more figuring out the colors and the shape of the eye ) […]

How to draw Stitch: Part 2

Welcome back to part of drawing Stitch make sure to go back to part 1 on my page if you haven’t seen it yet 🙂 Step 1 : Picking up where we left off erase the bottom half of the face and create two half circles at the bottom ( See picture above ) Step […]

How to draw Stitch : Part 1

Welcome back to another tutorial 😀 Today were learning to draw Stitch !!! Step 1. Draw the head like a dumpling half oval shape half round Let’s take a moment and break down how to do the ears 😀 Take your time and pace yourself Take a break and take deep breaths if you feel […]

How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

Welcome back my friend and if you’re new here welcome as well ! Grab your supplies ! You will need paper, pen or pencil, and if your doing this digital your iPad and stylish. – Regular Cartoon Eye’s Step 1 : Draw two ovals Step 2 : Draw two half circles in the corner of […]