Category: Intermediate

Dot Mandala Painting excercise

Mandala painting is a beautiful and meditative form of art that involves creating intricate patterns using dots. Many dot mandala tools are available online that you can buy. Nail paint tools and clay modeling tools are also used for this purpose. If you don’t have any of these tools, you can still paint using the […]

Loomis Method for Face Drawing

The Loomis method is used for drawing a proportionate face. It provides a structured approach to drawing the human head and face with correct proportions and anatomical accuracy. This technique was developed by Andrew Loomis, a renowned American illustrator. Start with simple sketches and gradually add details. Follow the step-by-step demonstration given here.   Step […]

Hand mirror

I had an old mirror, so I decided to craft a brand-new frame for it. It is made our of hardboard of a box. decorative reliefs done with the impasto. I’m currently in the process of adding more floral design and going to color it. To embark on this project, you will need some essential […]

Anime Poses TIPS

Here are some help tips I found when doing anime poses !!! For example when a character is shocked or stunned by something the character’s back is hum-Ed over and the face is leaned out more. Also there’s no color added to bring more affect to the expression. Little small lines are added around the […]

“Autumn Ablaze”

Here is my Acrylic Painting “Autumn Ablaze” done on Canvas size 11 x 14 inch. On a beautiful autumn evening, just before sunset a bright golden yellow orange sunlight spread everywhere. A huge Oak tree in font of my house started shining like the gold. Below the tree, plants embellished with Fantasy like Snowberries and […]

Winter Themed Wreath

Winter is the perfect time to get cozy and creative, and what better way to do that than with a fun and festive winter craft? Here’s a tutorial for a simple and stylish winter wreath that you can make in just a few easy steps: Materials: Wreath form (foam, straw, or wire)Hot glue gunWinter decorations […]