Boho Dream Catcher

tep One: Start by removing the inner hoop from the outer hoop and placing the doily in the center of the hoop. Prepare the natural jute by unrolling a few feet.

Step Two: Weave the jute through the ends of the doily, bringing it back around the hoop and then back to the doily until you’ve made it completely around the hoop. Be sure to keep the doily center.

Step Three: Place the outer hoop back on top of the other. Use the wired jute to wrap around the entire hoop. Be sure to leave a little bit of space as you go. You’ll use the entire roll.

Step Four: Measure out 36 inches of the colored jute. Fold in half and then loop the jute through itself onto the hoop. Continue adding jute to your liking.

Step Five: You can also braid some of the jute for interest.

Step Six: Add the feathers. We added ours to the three braided sections.

Step Seven: Add a piece of the natural jute to the top and tie a knot after you’ve added three beads.

Step Eight: Cut jute at an angle keeping the center the longest.

You’ve now made a dream catcher!

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