A New Digital Painting out of Old Traditional Paintings


Here is my Digital Painting, “brush tree Mosaic” made from two old paintings. One oil painting of a brush tree. I merged it with another abstract painting inspired by Mosaic. The outcome was an outstanding unique artwork.

An artist has many spare paintings where we experiment with new ideas. Now the time has come to merge all those ideas into a single master painting.

You will need Photoshop software on your laptop and a Wacom pen tablet for this project.

Step 1: Select 2 paintings which you would like to merge. Get a good-quality picture of the paintings.

Step 2: Open the pictures in a Photoshop CC.

Step 3: Unlock the layer of the painting. Crop the object which needs to be shifted to another picture using the “Quick selection tool” in photoshop.

Step 3: Select the “Move tool” and Drag the cut image to another painting window.

Step 4: To Adjust the image in another painting, Click Command+T for mac or Control+T for Microsoft. For advanced adjustment, you can also you the icon “Switch between free transform and wrap modes” on the top right corner, which is visible after clicking command+T.

Step 5: Then give the finishing touch with the “Brush tool”.

Your Digital painting is ready.

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